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2021 Bibliometrics

Stanford Listing of Highly Cited Researchers
(percentile rank of 2% or above)

Rank 302/64,425 in Biomedical Engineering (Weblink)

Main key words:

Biomaterials, bioceramics, bioactive coatings
Biomimetic calcium phosphates / Nanocrystalline apatites

Bone tissue engineering / Biomineralization / Anthropology (analysis of skeletal remains)

Antimicrobial materials

Medical imaging - luminescent nanoprobes, cell targeting
Drug delivery (anti-cancerous, antibiotics/antimicrobials, growth factors...…)

Thermodynamics, thermochemistry/calorimetry on inorganic materials

Mineralogy: (hydr)oxides, phosphates...(Terrestrial and Martian contexts)


- "ISCM Excellence Award" 2016 delivered to C. Drouet by the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (ISCM) for "outstanding service to the field of bioceramics" ; delivered during the BIOCERAMICS 28 conference, in Charlotte, USA (october 2016)

- Research Award - Festival du savoir "La Novela" 2014 delivered in Toulouse (october 2014)

- "Racquel Legeros Award" 2013 delivered to C. Drouet by the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (ISCM) for contribution to the research on calcium phosphates; delivered during the ISACB'6 International conference in Nantes (june 2013)
(weblink - Legeros Award)

- PhD prizes for directed theses:
- L. Escande prize 2017 [best theses INP 2017] / Maëla Choimet's thesis / "Particules colloïdales multifonctionnalisées pour la vectorisation d'un principe actif : vers une nouvelle formulation pour la dermatologie"
(weblink - Escande Award - Choimet PhD student)
- L. Escande prize 2012 [best theses INP 2012] / Nicolas Vandecandelaere's thesis / "Elaboration and characterization of innovative bone biomaterials based on doped calcium phosphate apatites"
(weblink - Escande Award - Vandecandelaere PhD student)
- L. Escande prize 2010 [best theses INP 2010] / Ahmed Al-Kattan's thesis / "Development of hybrid nano-systems based on biomimetic apatites dedicated to biomedical applications in cancerology"
(weblink - Escande Award - Al Kattan PhD student)

Main implications:

President of the MatSan Commission (Materials for Health), common to 4 French scientific societies: SF2M, GFC, Cefracor, Titane
Link to MatSan commission website

Vice-President of the South-West France section of the SF2M scientific society (French Society for Metallurgy and Materials)

Member of the Scientifi Board of national group of research "GdR CNRS - BIOMIM" : biomimetism and bio-inspiration

Link to GdR BIOMIM website

French Coordinator of the BioCapabili Engineering Cluster
Link to BioCapabili Engineering Cluster

Expert to the Court of Appeal of Toulouse (2014-2019)
(section: Forensics - Criminalistics)

Link to websites from other members of the group:

Maëlenn Aufray (polymers, interphase, reactivity, adherence): (